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The newspaper you read will probably have an influence on whether you believe the Housing Market in the UK is:

  • performing better with the Brexit vote or
  • struggling and in decline because of the Brexit vote.

Either way, the market post 24th June 2016 (post Brexit) has been in “wait and see” mode and will probably remain in this state until the new year when there will be a decision on the High Court ruling which take place on 5th December and is expected to last 4 days.  It is the view of Sally Asling, Letting Director at SurreyLets that the Housing market will continue to remain in “wait and see” mode until article 50 is served and negotiations to exit truly begin.

So what is a “wait and see” market?

In real terms it means there is a lack of activity unless there is a real need to make a move. Death, Divorce being the two main ones in Sales and Job Relocation or being served notice are the two main ones in letting. If there is no driving need, people are just waiting to see how leaving the EU  pans out and what the market will do, and this of course becomes a self fulfilling prophecy: a general lack of activity leading to what feels like a market slump because it is slow. This aside, what is actually happening to House Prices?

As I write a week or so into November, the latest statistical information we can draw upon takes us up until the end of August 2016 just 8 weeks after the Brexit decision, which isn’t really providing enough of a time lapse to see how the housing market has been affected if it has at all. However, there are encouraging facts in this data that should restore consumer confidence especially if these trends continue which may serve as some encouragement for homeowners thinking of selling but whom are “waiting to see”

House Prices have been in continual growth in 2016

Housing market indicators for August suggested a period of relative stability during the month. House prices grew by 8.4% in the year to August, up slightly from 8.0% in July.Prices in the UK continues to rise with the greatest increase for the year being the East of England with a 13.3 annual change followed by the South East wit
h a 12.2% rise. England as a whole saw a 9.2 rise.
price-changesI accept that sales agreed, pre-Brexit were possibly just going through to completion, but this is still encouraging. No major price drops as a direct result of Brexit –  which I have seen claimed in some scaremongering newspapers.

Shortage of stock on the market

Its clear that up until June there was a lack of stock on the sales market. Looking at data for June 2016 and comparing it to June 2015  England saw a 32.2% drop in the number of units sold. sales-volumes-by-country

Overall, year on year, June 2016 shows a decline from the previous growing trend of properties being sold.

A direct conclusion therefore could be drawn that whilst there is not the volume of property as in previous years on the market, and therefore not so much competition for your home, this has kept house prices rising.

Housing Demand

In terms of housing demand, the volume of lending approvals for house purchases fell slightly in August compared to July, remaining at levels seen in early 2015. Home sales in the UK stayed stable between July and August but remain below levels seen in 2014, 2015 and before the stamp duty changes in early 2016. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) market survey for August reported falling new buyer enquiries over the past three months, with demand from buy-to-let investors falling more sharply than demand from first time buyers and existing owners.

Latest news from Zoopla – for KT24

Zooplas Z-index is the current average Zoopla estimate of home values in a given area, and the Z index report for KT24 is £1,034,686. Zoopla shows a month on month rising trend.

The average house price paid in the last three months 17 sales is £998,703.zoopkt24

Fun housing facts for KT24

Highest value streets Zed-Index
The Warren £2,122,830
Beech Avenue £2,096,434
Woodland Drive £1,996,802
Pennymead Drive £1,834,411
Lynx Hill £1,828,226
Highest turnover streets Turnover
Fearn Close 45.5%
Station Approach 42.9%
Tintells Lane 41.2%
Little Cranmore Lane 36.4%
Parkside Close 33.3%

SurreyLets keep a keen eye on what property values are doing in the area as whilst SurreyLets are not an Estate Agency involved in the sale of property, SurreyLets regularly consult with Landlords who which to withdraw equity on their buy-to-Let investments and assist Investors making smart decisions on their portfolio growth.

If you have a property to Let, are considering Letting out your property or would like help and advise in buying an investment property, Sally Asling would be delighted to have an informal, no obligation discussion with you. Please call 01483 282470 or e-mail

Data taken from the UK House Price index summery published 18th October 2016 from UK.Gov’s official statistics and from Zoopla.

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Everyone’s eyes are  looking at the  UK stock market and currency rates this morning as trumpthe UK assess what the Trump presidential victory means. One things for certain, change is ahead!

Camilla Dell, managing partner at Black Brick buying agency, says in Estate Agency today” amid stock market turmoil and weakening of the dollar” global investment into Prime Central London property is likely to increase from investors who hold the view that Trump is risky for the markets.”

She adds: “We are also likely to see some wealthy US citizens, particularly those most offended by Trump, move to the UK as some of our American clients hinted to us prior to this outcome. Foreign buyers, particularly those from the Middle East and of Muslim faith, may enter the London property market, too, as they decide not to buy property in the US due to his remarks about banning Muslims from entering the country.”

London and the suburbs will be attractive to USA citizens as the slump in sterling after the Brexit vote in June meant the  once soaring property prices, one of the major deterrents to a move to the capital, have fallen more than nine per cent in a year in dollar terms. That is equivalent to a $62,000 saving on a typical London property, but far more on a home in one of the more expensive central areas favoured by Americans. While the capital’s house prices have risen 13 per cent year on year for domestic buyers, those using the dollar will find homes in London are almost 10 per cent cheaper than a year ago.

Fears by some Americans that the doller will further fall (the markets am on 9/11/16 show the dollar has fallen and gold investment has soared) may see investment in UK property happen quickly. Investors who had previously looked to US markets as a safe haven may now turn to the UK property market. President Trump combined with a predicted unstable pound next year does make London look extremely attractive as any political change will cause uncertainty – which in turn causes stagnation as investors naturally look to alternative markets such as London.

About 63,000 people born in the US lived in London at the time of the last census in 2011. (Source ONS) They make up the largest group of immigrants in the three London boroughs of  Camden, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster, where the American School in St John’s Wood is based.

So how many American citizens will look to relocate to the UK and most importantly where will they look to relocate to in the UK?

Outside of London,  Cobham has the ACS (International School, formally known as the American Community School) and an established American commmunity. With organisations like American women of Surrey , a commute to London in under and hour and cheaper healthcare – Cobham is an excellent choice for the Ex-Pat. Sally Asling, Lettings Director at SurreyLets says “Cobham has always been a firm favourite for American families relocating from the US. With a short commute to the city, outstanding educational facilities, ample green space and sports facilities and specific community organisations for the American community, we have seen the American community take good quality homes on long term rental agreements, and the American community have certainly been a good thing for the local lettings market”

If you are a landlord with a property to let in Cobham, East or West Horsley, Effingham, Bookham or Weybridge and Walton, SurreyLets would be delighted to help you. Please call SurreyLets on 01483 282470

Alternatively, if you are looking to relocate to any of the above areas, SurreyLets offers a wide range of property to let. Please call 01483 282470 for a viewing.


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What is a testimonial?  The dictionary describes it as  “A testimonial is a formal logo-1statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications.  A sworn testimony is evidence given by a witness who has made a commitment to tell the truth”

In the world of business, especially where sales people are concerned, a testimonial is one of the most important tools a business has as it is a statement of truth that someone is prepared and willing to say about a person or a company. It is the fact that its a statement of truth that for many people is why its so important. Its especially important when choosing a Surrey Letting Agent as you are giving them the keys to what is possibly your most valuable asset.

Running my own business and the time constraints that are on this, its often the last thing I remember to ask for, however it is rewarding to get nice feedback, especially from long established clients. Here at SurreyLets we use the independent company Referenceline to collate our feedback from clients and all I share below can be seen by clicking here 

Here are just a few of the ones we have had come in this month that I am delighted to share with you.

November 2016

I was so impressed by the service I received. SurreyLets were professional, efficient and knowledgeable. They are the best letting agency I”ve ever encountered (and there have been several!) They went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure I was moved in quickly and I wouldn”t hesitate to recommend them to others. Replies to emails were quick and they ensured all of my questions were answered. Moving house is usually stressful but dealing with them was a pleasure. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Compared with some letting agents, SurreyLets are a breath of fresh air. I wholeheartedly recommend them! (Miss G – Tenants reference)

Sally is great I have full confidence in her professionalism – I have used other agents in the past – but thankful there is no further need to do so – If I had met Sally ten years ago I would be alot richer and happier. (Mr T – Landlord reference)

Our experience with SurreyLets has been excellent, we have used Sally”s services for nearly 7 years and are consistently impressed with her professional and friendly tenant selection and lettings management. Living abroad it”s important to be able to trust a property agent and we trust Sally 110%. We won”t hesitate to recommend her to anyone we know. (Mr & Mrs H – Overseas Landlord)

I have had my property with SurreyLets for the past 6.5 years and over that time the unit has only been vacant for less than 20 days. The service provided has been excellent with all aspects addressed in a very prompt and professional way. Over this period we have encountered a wide range of issues including general maintenance , urgent issues, complaining tenants, misbehaving dogs etc – in every case it has been addressed and resolved by SurreyLets. I have been very pleased with the filtering of prospective tenants which is done well in advance of the end of the lease period. This has allowed us to change tenants with very limited “downtime” and also to source good quality and reliable people. Problems are also proactively addressed and they provide a solution rather than just communicating the problem. They have good access to all the required service providers and ensure that all work needed is properly executed and monitored so as to minimize the impact to the tenants. overall I an very satisfied and would certainly recommend their services to anyone needing a managing agent (Mr D – Overseas Landlord)

To see all of our customer testimonials please visit Referenceline by clicking this link 

Finding a letting agent in East Horsley, Finding a letting agent in Effingham, Finding a Letting Agent in Bookham, Finding a Letting agent in West Horsley, Finding a Letting agent in Ripley

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I write this with a child in year 6 in the oversubscribed, increasingly popular and highly sought after academy that is The Raleigh School in West Horsley. I count myself as privileged and increasingly fortunate. As I write, I am, like a few hundred other parents, waiting to hear if my son has got into The Howard of Effingham School in September. That said, like many others before me, I moved a matter of just one road to be certain of catchment areas for the schools.

Last week I took on a property “To Let” very close to the school and immediately went under e-mail attack. It felt akin to how I imagine Simon Cowell feels at the auditions for the  X-Factor; each  excited applicant streaming “pick me first” and offering on a property before I had even got the key.

It doesn’t matter how you cut it. Its dog eat dog in the world of housing and getting your child into a school.

There is a 5 deep waiting list for most year groups at The Raleigh. To get to the top, after siblings and looked after children ,it all becomes a matter of geography. Roll of the dice, the closer to the school the more chance you have of securing a place. So when a house a stones throw away from the school comes on the market, the stampede starts.

Homes close to the school sell  and let quickly and at a premium. They are sought after. So, when I saw this property come on the market with Curchods this week with an asking price of £775K, potentially giving a potential gross ROI of 4 % I thought it was worthy of a mention as this is a good ROI for this area. You can download the brochure here. Oh, and it really is a “stones throw” away, even with my poor attempt with a pebble! low res drive


Located within the popular village of West Horsley, literally a moments walk of the sought after Raleigh Primary School, this immaculate home really does offer everything a family could need.



The property would realistically let out IRO £2750pcm.  There is 1555q ft of property, making it not a super large home, but the fact that its divided into 5 bedrooms could suit a larger family, and after all, its a larger family who will have the need for the school. The one thing is certain, whilst the school is situated here, this property will always be let!

However, I would be tempted to advise a  would be investor to ditch bedroom 5 and add another bathroom (en-suite) and have it as 4 bed 2 bathrooms opposed to 5 bed and 1 upstairs bathroom. Given we have property only a short way down the road that rents at £2500pcm and lacks the office, this property I believe would rent quickly. We are seeing rentals in the roads surrounding the school average at 30 months which is perfect for long term investors.

If you would like to view this property call Curchods on 01483 281010. If you would like to discuss buying this property to let and would like some impartial free and without obligation advice, then call Sally Asling at SurreyLets on 01483 282470 




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If you are looking to invest in property and keen to make a purchase before the new Stamp Duty changes come into force for second properties in April, this property may be one you would like to consider.

Just on the market with Huggins is this link detached 4 bedroom property in Norwood Road. On the market for £549,950 the property is situated in the catchment for the Howard of Effingham School and is deceptively spacious, in many respects its an ideal Buy-to-Let property.

Working on an agreed price of £540K, I believe the property would see an immediate return of 4% gross if let at £1800pcm  and a 5% return if let at £2250pcm,  Sally Asling, Lettings director at SurreyLets states “£1800 is perfectly achievable, but in the current market of high tenant demand, there is every change of achieving closer to a 5% return here. The property appears to be well presented and almost ready to go. In my opinion this is one of the best properties on the market in this area currently for a Buy-to-let investment. I think its a property that will stand the test of time, and looking at the rise in prices in the area will see good capital growth too.”

The selling agent Huggins Edwards and Sharp describe the property as..

“A LINKED DETACHED FAMILY HOUSE originally constructed in the 1950’s and has mellow brick norwoodelevations beneath a pitched tiled roof. The property offers Reception Hall, Cloakroom, Lounge with fireplace opening to the Dining Room which leads into a good sized Conservatory and a fitted Kitchen and on the first floor there are four bedrooms and a family Bathroom. The garage has been converted at the rear to provide a useful separate Utility Room with appliances included within the sale. The property benefits from gas fired central heating to radiators, sealed unit double glazed windows and the current owners have purchased and installed solar panels on the roof to generate electricity. Outside there is a double width block paved driveway and secluded south westerly facing rear garden with paved patio and further barbecue area. An internal inspection is strongly advised to fully appreciate this property.

If you would like to discuss buying to let in this area, Sally Asling, Surrey Lettings director  would love to hear from you. As local property experts covering Lettings in Effingham, Sally and her team can advise you on all aspects of buying to let and on the letting process. Advice is free and without obligation.

To view this property please contact the selling agents  Huggins Edward and Sharp on 01372 457011 or by emailing

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Lets look for a moment at the future for “generation rent” and  investor generationrent-800x333activity in the Buy-to-Let market. Lets also question why so many empty homes are not being put into use – so many aspects of this “Housing Crisis”

An interesting report from business consultancy PwC who look at the young non-owning segment of adults has stated that young adults are ” at risk of being locked out of the housing market due to high prices, high deposits and rising interest rates.”   As the rental sector booms it is thought that only one young person in four will own their own home by 2025

Only 26 per cent of people currently aged 20 to 39 in England will live in a
home they own by 2025 while 59 per cent of them will be privately renting.
The report indicated  that by 2025, 59 per cent of 20-39 year olds will be renting privately, up from 45 per cent in 2013, when a similar survey was

“With the majority of 20-39 year olds living in the private rented sector by
2025, policy will need to adapt. This could include encouraging a better
quality of private rented accommodation including longer tenure periods, and more rental properties designed for families” says Richard Snook, senior economist at PwC.

“Demand for housing in the UK has outstripped supply for more than two
decades. Changing the outlook for ‘generation rent’ will require us to build more houses than needed just to match population growth in order to make up the past shortfall between housing supply and growth in demand” he says.

Sally Asling from SurreyLets, a large hybrid online letting agency in Surrey, states that “policy in the housing markets needs to be critically examined and rethought if the UK is to get to 2025 without a housing crisis. “Many Buy-To-Let Landlords are currently feeling put off investing by constant demands, taxes and charges that are being placed on them.

With the recent government’s reduction of mortgage interest tax relief on buy to let properties in a major factor for 50 per cent of landlords considering selling up, the tax reforms influencing their decision more than any other factor.Many of our landlords have reported that they fear the letting investment is becoming less profitable and will continue to be less profitable come 2017 when the reforms kick in.

SurreyLets has a large database of Buy-to-Let landlords and whilst many are in it for the long term, these changes are really affecting their zeal for continued investment. Many believe the whole process is just getting over complicated and over full of legislation that is ever changing.”

Regrettably, many potential Buy to Let landlord are being put off investing out of fear that is is over complicated. However Sally Asling states “Here at SurreyLets we advise Landlords what they need to be doing and how best to address the letting and management of their investment property.”

If the predictions from PwC are correct, the continual increase in tenant demand for rental properties is not going to be met unless there is serious investment in the private rental sector. The government need to be encouraging investments and making it more attractive, not imposing more taxation and legislation onto it. As the government have been unable to thus far present solutions to the housing crisis that is building, they need to acknowledge the part the PRS is going to play.

Sally Asling from SurreyLets also comments “What irritates me is the fact that the government are not really tackling the empty homes situation. The Office of National Statistics last reported figures in 2008, but at that point there was 412,709 empty dwellings in the UK.  49,860 of these are in the South East. over twenty thousand of these in the South East alone are classed as long term vacant dwellings. The government empowered local councils to put property suchlike this into good use with the EDMO (Empty Dwelling Management Orders) legislation, which thus far has been a failure due to a lack of investment into this sector of councils to pursue what is often a long process. It appears building more home, endangering more greenbelt is preferential, which in my opinion is wrong.”




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The Letting’s market seems to  be set on one speed. Steady and Continuous.

I am often asked what lets best. There used to be trends in the area where I could tell you a one bedroom flat in Guildford would let more quickly than a five bedroom house, or a family house in Horsley would let faster than a two bedroom flat in Effingham. Again, reality is making no sense of these trends. P1040634 (800x561)

Everything is in demand. Looking at the applicant register of pre-qualified potential tenants we have:

  • Demand for annexes and studio in all areas, particularly if they can include bills – budgets up to £850pcm
  • A demand for long term lets ideally 3 years with breaks effective after 2 years especially in family homes that are well presented. Excellent budgets.
  • A demand for short term lets of 6 – 12 months where the tenants are doing work to their own property and are looking to escape the dust. Not fussy about the condition and would rather something not quite meeting the decorative grade at a lower price.
  • Demand for 1 and 2 bedroom flats in all areas up to £1350pcm – above shops, purpose built flats – all kinds.
  • Demand for 3 & 4 bedroom family homes in catchments of feeder schools for the Howard of Effingham – budgets between £1650 to £3200pcm

Such is demand that there is absolutely no question that rentals are rising and that lets on average are getting longer. At SurreyLets our average is 25 months currently.

We pride ourselves on offering our Landlords a personal service that is professional and affordable. By not charging renewal fees, many Landlords feel they really get a good deal because they generally get a longer let through us by telling us of their plans and what they need to get from the Letting. For some Landlords this means a longer let, but for others it may well be a means of filling an empty home they are struggling to sell and need more flexibility. (Some tenants move in for 6 months to escape building work and are happy for the property to remain on the market for sale). In these cases we offer a fixed fee. Whatever your situation we work with you to get you the ideal tenancy and the ideal tenants.

  • So if you have a property sitting empty – we can help you earn from it
  • If you are considering investing – we can offer free, impartial advice to ensure you are being advised of the returns independently (never accept just the selling agents figures- they have a vested interest in the sale)
  • If you already let a property but are not totally happy with your agents from either a fee or service perspective – we would be delighted to show you what we can offer and share our positive client testimonials.

Call me, Sally Asling,  at SurreyLets on 01483 282470 for a confidential chat about how I can help you with your letting queries. My advice is free and without obligation.     SurreyLetsPersonal, Professional, Affordable           

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